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[Macau, For Immediate Release] – Norihito Muranaka, Executive Pastry Chef of the Grand Lisboa Hotel, is currently offering visitors a new and exclusive creation inspired by the popular Macau dessert Serradura. Chef Norihito has spent decades perfecting the art of confectionary creations in France and Japan and is a graduate of the world-famous Tsuji Institute of Patisserie in Osaka, Japan and the Ecole Hôtelière Tsuji in Lyon, France. He has served as pastry chef in some of the world’s most exclusive restaurants and patisseries including Chez NoNo and Restaurant Hajou in Tokyo and La Patisserie Frank Fresson in Metz, France. Chef Norihito is particularly well-known for creating exciting pastry creations from traditional dessert favorites. This year alone, he has perfected 15 uniquely gorgeous pastries and desserts.

Originally from Portugal, the dessert Serradura has found a new home – and taste – in Macau where it has become a perennial favorite. Chef Norihito has created a unique twist on the popular dessert exclusively for the Round-The-Clock coffee shop at the Grand Lisboa. While hitting all the succulent notes that make Serradura so popular, Chef Norihito’s Matcha Serradura has taken the dessert a step further: his velvety soft and creamy creation features a hint of matcha – a traditional green tea native to Chef Norihito’s home of Japan. Chef Norihito uses only matcha purchased directly from Kyoto, Japan, which many consider to be the home of the world’s highest-grade matcha. In addition to his Matcha Serradura, Chef Norihito also offers three other unforgettable flavors of Serradura to choose from.

In creating a Serradura of unparalleled silkiness and taste, Chef Norihito uses only the best ingredients. As the dessert is made fresh daily, it needs to be eaten on the day of purchase. Ideally, it should be enjoyed immediately or within a few hours, as excessive refrigeration will stiffen the dessert’s creamy texture. To ensure that every Matcha Serradura meets Chef Norihito’s exacting standards for freshness and taste, only a limited quantity is available each day.

The Matcha Serradura is available for a limited time between 11am to 7pm daily and only at the Round-The-Clock coffee shop at the Grand Lisboa, while other select items, including butter and almond cakes, tarts, mousses, cheese cake, and a wide range of breads are available at both Round-The-Clock and the Lotus Lounge at the Grand Lisboa.