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Was the only representative from Macau and provided exquisite cuisine to guests


[Macau, For Immediate Release] – On the evening of 28th June, the first MICHELIN Guide Star Revelation Gala in Mainland China was held at the InterContinental hotel in Guangzhou. A total of six chefs from Michelin-starred restaurants across various countries and regions were invited to the gala dinner, including three from three-star Michelin restaurants in Macau, Hong Kong and Taipei, two from the newest Michelin-starred restaurants in Guangzhou and one from France.

For the first MICHELIN Guide Star Revelation Gala in Mainland China, the host invited chefs from Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau and Europe to reinterpret Cantonese cuisine for guests. For its first visit to Guangzhou, the MICHELIN Guide discovered and collected exclusive local stories and videos to inspire chefs to create dishes that represented the new international story of Cantonese gourmet. Six Michelin-starred chefs created six fascinating dishes while performing through 4D holographic technology and 270-degree screening, to showcase the new trend of cross-boundary delicacies.

‘The 8’ at Grand Lisboa Hotel has been awarded three Michelin stars for five consecutive years and was the only representative from Macau invited to the gala dinner. Its Executive Chef Joseph Tse prepared the main dish and meat entrée, ‘Crispy Beef, Homemade Cream Sauce with Aged Tangerine Peel,’ for all guests. The dish was created using six of the ingredients shared by Michelin in the event invite, along with eight others to make a beautiful beef soup. The beef was cooked till tender and then fried until its outer layer, dipped with fried pulp became golden brown, making it crispy on the outside and soft in the middle. One of the ingredients used was osmanthus sugar, made of osmanthus, which represents China’s ‘Flower Capital’ – Guangzhou. Paired with lotus stem, the flower of Macau, the dish signified that the two cities will maintain shared prosperity. The sauce was made of cream and aged tangerine peel to enhance the flavour of beef. With the number ‘8’ being a symbol of good fortune, the dish represented ‘The 8’ restaurant, as well as the 8 ingredients used to create the dish – Crispy Beef, Homemade Cream Sauce with Aged Tangerine Peel.

This is the first time for ‘The 8’ to attend a gala event with Michelin outside of Macau. ‘The 8’ is well known for its exquisite dim sum creations and its ‘modern’ take on classic Guangdong dishes. It stands as Macau’s only Chinese restaurant with three Michelin stars. Diners can choose from as many as 150 different dishes prepared under the watchful eye of Executive Chef Joseph Tse. Besides, Grand Lisboa Hotel is the only hotel in the world to have seven Michelin stars under one roof.

The Executive Chef of ‘The 8’ is Joseph Tse, who has over 48 years of experience working in hotel restaurants. In 2015, Tse was invited by Grand Lisboa Hotel to come on board as ‘The 8’s Executive Chef. Joseph Tse’s culinary skills and deep understanding of Chinese cuisine have made him a well-known name in the industry. Tse started his training in the culinary arts in 1969 and has served as head chef in some of the world’s top five-star hotels. He has received numerous certificates and accolades and has also served as chief instructor of southern Chinese cuisine at the Hong Kong Chinese Cuisine Training Institute.

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